Chocolate Orange Tiffin

Hello folks! I hope you are all well this Friday morning!

My tiffin creations have consumed me!! 😀 Today I’d like to share with you my latest tasty creation. This one is a little different in taste and texture to the last tiffin recipe I posted. This Chocolate Orange crunchy tiffin is still a roaring success… 😉

These tasty treats are extremely easy to make. This one took 10 minutes preparation only. The rest of the work is up to your refrigerator!


– 2 large milk chocolate bars for cooking

– 2 Crunchie bars

– 1 tbsp of orange extract

– Hazelnuts

– White chocolate chunks or chips



– Break up the chocolate, place in a bowl and allow the chocolate to melt in a water bath. Ensure the glass bowl does not touch the boiling water as this will burn the chocolate. Stir occasionally, melt over a low heat.


– Whilst the chocolate is melting, prepare your other ingredients. Take a rolling pin and roughly bash the bag of hazelnuts to break them and soften them slightly. You are not looking to ground them. Do the same for the Crunchie bars too.

– Line a suitable container with greaseproof paper or cling film (greaseproof paper is better).

– Once the chocolate has melted and is smooth, carefully remove the glass bowl from the water bath. Now add your ingredients into the chocolate: hazelnuts, Crunchie bars, tablespoon of orange extract and a few white chocolate pieces – stir through.



– Now pour the mix into your greaseproof paper lined container. Try to level it off and remove any air bubbles. Sprinkle with additional white chocolate chunks and leave in the refrigerator to harden. You need over an hour.


– Once ready, remove from the fridge. Pull the chocolate out of the container using the greaseproof paper for leverage. Take a sharp knife and cut into small bite-size (or at least greedily manageable!) pieces. Taste and enjoy!!!!!!

IMG_5064 IMG_5065



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