Secret Beaches – Ammos tou Kampouri Beach

Ammos tou Kampouri Beach (Παραλία Άμμος του Καμπούρη)

This is a beautiful little beach, with white sand, tall shady palm trees and a clear blue water bay. The beach is off the beaten track, accessible through a secret path, off the rarely used coastal road, connecting Ayia Napa with Cavo Greco. Alternatively, if you can stand the searing heat of a Cypriot summer, an excellent coastal walking trail / promenade passes by this beautiful beach. I recently found this little spot when I was out exploring the area by bicycle. Fun times! 🙂

The water here is rocky, and seems good for snorkelling and scuba diving.

Note to self: Must return with my snorkel mask and underwater camera! Hopefully soon….

The facilities at the beach are excellent. There is a good F&B kiosk but there’s nothing else in the way of shopping outlets, so make sure you take what you need for a lovely day at the beach.


This looks so inviting.


Ammos tou Kampouri Beach


Holiday Tip: A fresh orange juice at the beach is an absolute must in Cyprus!


Love it!

I was so happy when the world famous Travel + Leisure magazine liked the video I posted on Instagram of this beautiful beach. You can check it out here for yourselves.

Location: Ayia Napa Municipality


Ammos tou Kampouri Beach (Source:


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