The best souvenirs are…

… the ones you can use!!

Here are some of my favourite purchases from my recent travels.

A bag of fresh dried organic rose petals from a mountain village in Cyprus. The scent of these petals is amazing, and they are beautifully delicate. I’ve been making them into a tea. Rose tea has many wonderful therapeutic benefits, as it is rich in vitamins. It is a wonderful tea that aids digestion. Some claim that rose tea can enhance your immune system. It undoubtedly helps soothe your nerves; it is a very calming scent and tea. I have been adding a few petals to green tea leaves (fresh from China), which makes the rose tea even more palatable. The benefits of drinking green tea are well documented.

Rose Collage

Fresh tea: rose & green tea


Gorgeous rose petals. They smell wonderful.

A small bottle of homemade rose water from the same person who made the rose petals. You won’t believe the amazing smell of this rose water. Completely organic. I love adding a few drops to my mahalepi (a milky pudding – common in Cyprus and the Middle East).


Fresh Rose Water, from a Cypriot mountain village


Super yummy mahalepi with pistachios, fresh strawberry and delicious organic rose water.

Olive Oil Exfoliating Body Scrub – this is potentially the best exfoliator I’ve come across so far! I always pick up a bottle when I go to Cyprus. It is wonderful to use, and very effective. The price is extremely wallet friendly too. Mediterranean olive oil is a lovely natural beauty product. It leaves your skin feeling soft, clean, smooth and moisturised. Olive oil is a nourishing natural product, so it is recommended for dry skin.


Olive Oil Exfoliator

Mastiha Sweets – these are delicious. Mastiha is an ingredient popular in Greece and Cyprus. It is currently enjoying a bit of a “fashionable” moment. Mastiha flavoured drinks (even water) are readily available these days.

Mastiha is a funny product, as people tend not to understand it when you describe it to them. It is essentially a resin from an evergreen tree. Due to the plastic style of its composition, it makes a lovely gum. Mastiha chewing gum is very popular. It is believed that the chewing action of mastiha gum alone can be very beneficial. Generally, mastiha has numerous therapeutic benefits. It is anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial. Magic!! 🙂 … but the sweets I bought do contain sugar, so they are more of an indulgence than a medicine in this case! 😉


Mastiha sweeties

Until next time!! 🙂


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