Liopetri River – Ποταμός Λιοπετρίου

Picturesque Locations… 🙂 The island of Cyprus has several rivers, the vast majority of which are dry and empty. Hence it is quite unusual to find a place in Cyprus that is even named after a river. Liopetri is a small fishing village on the south-eastern coast of Cyprus. The village is definitely not a tourist destination, but there is a beautiful charm about the Liopetri River estuary that makes this little area of Cyprus rather attractive. And yes, whilst the main focus of Liopetri River is at the estuary, there is in fact a river there nonetheless. The river is approximately 10 – 30 m wide. It’s neither wide nor long, however apparently it is a river! It is also an extremely picturesque area. The river is a haven for fishermen and you will inevitably find little fishing boats, of different shapes, sizes, colours and ages, moored along the river banks. There are a few fish tavernas along the sea too, where the fish is painfully obviously fresh! The man made boating and fishing machinery sits along a gorgeous natural background of a variety of green, leafy plants and trees, including juniper, cypress and palm trees, as well as various wild cactii and bamboo. The area is also both rocky and sandy, hence the small cliffs that run along the aforementioned river. This is a beautiful area for a little exploration… and a little lunch!

IMG_3754 IMG_3758 IMG_3762 IMG_3764 IMG_3767 IMG_3768 IMG_3770


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