Cape Greco – Cavo Greco – Κάβο Γκρέκο

Cape Greco (aka. Cavo Greco and Κάβο Γκρέκο) is one of my favourite places on the island of Cyprus. It is an iconic cape that sticks out of the south-eastern tip of the island, located east of the town of Ayia Napa and south along the eastern coast of Cyprus, below Protaras. Cape Greco is a National Forest Park and a beautiful conservation area. The area is notoriously green, covered in juniper plants and pine trees, which is unusual and refreshing in an otherwise slightly arid island. The smell of the plants, mixed with the sea air below is refreshingly clear and light. It is a beautiful place for nature lovers, sunset worshippers, divers, swimmers, hikers and cyclists. I am looking forward to finally visiting the museum which is currently under construction within the nature park. I imagine the focus of the exhibit will be the geology, geography and nature of the area.

The hike up to the top of the cape is not difficult (there is a small car park at the foot of the trail) and certainly worth the effort on a warm summer’s evening. The cape is often filled with couples of all ages, sitting on the rocks and the benches, facing due west, watching the awe inspiring sunsets over the island and its Mediterranean waters. The view is stunning! 😀

IMG_5717 IMG_5708 CapeGrecoSunset


I took the above sunset photos last year (June 2013). I spent much of my time in Cyprus at the start of this month on my mountain bike. The cycle paths are well maintained and the routes along Cape Greco and the coast line are extremely enjoyable. The route will challenge you as there are some fairly steep inclines, but you will certainly be rewarded by the breathtaking views along the coast.

* A word for the wise:

As the summers are extremely hot in Cyprus, you need to be extremely fit in order to do any real cycling during the day. The weather conditions for the rest of the year are usually absolutely beautiful for exploring the Cape, whether on foot or by bike. Make the most of it and enjoy it!!





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