Roasted Beetroot

Beetroot is a colourful root vegetable, bursting with nutrients. The benefits of including beetroot in your diet include; lower blood pressure, improved blood flow (increased oxygen) and better stamina. It is believed to aid digestion, and even fight the progression of dementia. What a clever little vegetable! Beetroot is an acquired taste, but I love it thanks to my grandparents who always (without fail) added slices of the red staining stuff to their salads. My mother has never been a fan of beetroot, so as a child I looked forward to my grandparents’ salads πŸ˜€ Personally, I have always been lazy, when it comes to beetroot. I would always settle for the store bought, ready made, pickled varieties, which I used to re-season chez moi by washing the store bought pickled beetroot, and storing my modified product in the refrigerator with freshly peeled garlic cloves, a little bit of fresh black pepper and extra virgin olive oil. This is very tasty, I highly recommend it!

I recently posted a recipe for a Chicken, Leek and Mushroom pie. I had served said pie with green vegetables, roast potatoes and roast beetroot. This was delicious! I cannot believe I have not even attempted to cook beetroot until now. In fact, what prompted me to give it a go, was a young French family I saw in my local supermarket recently. The father was shopping with his two very young sons. They had a shopping list and were trying to find the ingredients “maman” needed, using both French and English, so that they could of course become bilingual. Being a linguist myself, I was very impressed by this and greatly admired the children’s aptitude. However, the type of ingredients they were looking for were equally impressive to me. I have become more adventurous with my ingredients, as I try to expand my cooking repertoire. This is however only because I love cooking so much. This cool trio was in search for items like squash, fennel, beetroot and bak choy, and it made me realise how easy it is for people to stick to a mundane routine of meat and two veg including seemingly boring and traditional ingredients like potato and cauliflower. This family was inspirational.

Beetroot is very easy to roast, and it is worth the effort to add a little variation… and colour!… to your Sunday roast. Here is how I made mine.

– Peel 4 fresh beetroots, to expose the red/purple flesh. NB. The colour will transfer onto your hands.

– Cut in half and place in a pre-heated oily dish (Vegetable oil).

– I also roasted some potatoes (peel and cut, place into hot dish as above).

– Season with pink himalayan salt, fresh cracked black pepper, a few sprigs of fresh thyme, two cloves of garlic (not naked).

– Cover in virgin olive oil and slow roast in a pre-heated oven (180C) for approximately 40 minutes.

This is such a simple and tasty recipe. Worth the attempt! πŸ™‚



Ready to eat. I love the colour!
Ready to eat. I love the colour!

Here it is, served with my pie.
Here it is, served with my pie.




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