Reims – Part II

Hello again! As promised, I’m back to share with you my wonderful visit to the fabulous Reims Cathedral and Tau Palace.

Notre Dame de Reims (Our Lady of Reims)

In many ways, this 13th Century cathedral reminds me of Canterbury Cathedral in the UK. Both are impressive structures, have an elaborate history and portray an aura of peace, importance, grandeur, piousness and simplicity. Notre Dame de Reims has a certain je ne sais quoi about it that has left me feeling awestruck. The cathedral in Reims is hugely detailed, including more than 2,000 finely detailed statues. This Gothic structure is a fine example of Gothic architecture and style, and as such is a UESCO World Heritage Site.

The cathedral boasts a fine history. Most notably, it is where the kings of France were crowned. Joan of Arc also liberated the cathedral and the city when it was occupied by the English during the Hundred Years’ War. Going further back in time, the roots of this impressive cathedral were anchored c. 490 AD when Clovis, the first king of the Franks, was baptised by St Remi (the bishop of Reims).

Notre Dame de Reims is an impressive work of art. What impressed me most was the internal light. You can stand outside the cathedral and gaze up at the detailed exterior all day, trying to count the statues, identify the figures and scenes depicted on the facade, and still not take in all the fine detail. However, the light inside the cathedral, filtered by the amazing stained glass windows and refracted around the arches, affects you from the moment you walk in.

Notre Dame de Reims

Notre Dame de Reims

The intricate detail above the front entrance of the cathedral.

The intricate detail above the front entrance of the cathedral.

Detail everywhere.

Incredible details and designs everywhere you look.

I love this photo :-)

I love this photo 🙂

Beautiful stained glass windows

Beautiful stained glass windows.

I love this - amazing!

I love this. It’s magical!


Gorgeous. Uplifting. Inspiring.

This is an amazing structure.

This cathedral is an amazing structure.

Happy to be here! :)

Happy to be here! 🙂

Two columns like this support the main entrance. Finely detailed statues from floor to ceiling.

Two columns like this support the main entrance. Finely detailed statues from floor to ceiling.

Palais du Tau (Tau Palace)

Just like Notre Dame de Reims, Palais du Tau is also a UESCO World Heritage Site. The Palace neighbours the cathedral, so you should not deny yourself a combined visit. Palais du Tau was the residence of the Archbishop of Reims. The Kings of France also used the Palace as their residence pre-coronation. Banquets were hosted post-coronation by the newly crowned kings. Today, the Palais du Tau is extremely well-preserved as a museum, housing a wealth of treasures, including tapestries, statues, relics and a variety of priceless objects relating to the royal coronations.

My regal portrait

My regal portrait outside the Palace

Puppy adventures :)

Puppy adventures 🙂

Et voila!

Et voila!



The banquet room in the Palais du Tau

The banquet room in the Palais du Tau

Tapestries galore!

Tapestries galore and hidden doors!


Louis XVI

Louis XVI

A la prochaine mes amis! … Until next time!


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