Summer Brunch

Here is a delicious idea for a summer brunch.

French toast with oodles of fresh fruit, a refreshing fresh fruit juice and a soothing cup of tea.

Here is my twist on a delightfully simple recipe.

Ingredients for Cinnamon French Toast

– 2 thick large slices of wholemeal seeded bloomer, with pumpkin, sesame and sunflower seeds.

– 2 large eggs

– a splash of milk

– ground cinnamon

Break the eggs into a wide, flat container. Add your splash of milk and gently whisk the mix. Add the ground cinnamon to taste and stir.

Soak your bread in the mix until it is all used up – you will need a larger mix quantity if you like your french toast to be more eggy. The bread I used was so good in size, texture, shape and taste, that I chose to leave the slices whole on this occasion, but you can cut and trim the bread if you prefer.

Whilst the bread is soaking, prepare your frying pan but take care not to overheat the pan. Lightly fry the soaked bread on the hot (lightly greased) pan until cooked – remember to flip the bread in order to cook on both sides.

Serve up on a plate and cover with canadian maple syrup.

Serve with plenty of fresh seasonal fruit. On this occasion I sliced up juicy yellow fleshed nectarines, fresh British strawberries and sweet passion fruit.

I chose a very refreshing fresh juice blend of orange, apple, strawberry and cucumber. 100% fruit juice – 0% anything artificial! It is very refreshing in these warm summer months – served over crushed ice and with fresh mint leaves (from the garden!).

Accompany with an Earl Grey tea to soothe the soul.

Bon appetit! šŸ™‚





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