Travelling home

I was not born in Cyprus, but my roots are well and truly, firmly planted there. My first plane trip as a newborn was of course to Cyprus and I know the island well.

I recently travelled to Cyprus for a 10 day action-packed trip. In those 10 days I was able to relax and unwind, go to the beach, visit family and friends, re-connect with my roots and re-discover the island that I love. I went in June and whilst it was about 30 degrees centigrade pretty much every day I was there, the temperature was just perfect for a little exploration and a lot of adventure. Coming from what was at the time an unseasonably cold and grey London, the change of atmospheric conditions was a most welcome change for me!

My next few posts will be about some of the wonderful things Cyprus has to offer. The country has so much to offer in the way of culture, history and archaeology, but these things are too often overlooked by holidaymakers who go to Cyprus with the primary objective of lounging by a pool.

I will share with you various places of interest, and little secrets, across the island; from the south-eastern coast to the north-western coast.

See you soon!



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